Tuesday, 9 April 2013

working out

Recently I joined a gym which I know isn't really ground breaking but it is actually one of the best things I have ever done!
Now it was never my goal to lose loads of weight in the first place more of just a way of gradually toning up as I had seem to have gained love handles and abit of bulg on my tummy! ( being a student mainly to blame for this and the copious times that I went to eat out!) However I have experienced so many other benefits other than losing abit of weight and toning up! Since starting the gym I started adding metabolism boosting things into my diet such as hot water and lemon, grapefruits on a morning and drinking so much more water while cutting out fizzy drinks and junk food! The results have been amazing I have lost weight around my waist but not only that my skin has improved and so have my moods!!! The best part is I dont even feel like it is much effort as the only thing I am denying myself is mcdonalds and I still treat myself on the odd occasion! I also go to fun classes such as zumba amd aerobics with friends so it doesnt even feel like hard work. I have so much more enthusiasm to get things done and genuinely feel fitter and healthier which I never thought would happen as I was so lazy before!!! Basically I am writin this to maybe inspire someone to add abit more exercise into their routine even if its just dowloading a work out app that takes 10 minutes to do or adding improvement to a diet, the littlest things really do work!

Does anyone else have any hints or tips I could maybe try or similiar experience to me? Let me know!

Kelly x